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The #1 Thing Most FIRST TIME BUYERS Haven’t Been Told…

When a Realtor meets with a First Time Home-Buyer, one of the FIRST things that will come up is… “Do I have to pay you?”

The answer….

NO. No you don’t!

In the state of Washington, when a Seller lists their home they agree up front to pay a certain percent in commission that will be split between both the listing and selling agents after the home closes.

This means…. you guessed it….

You get the knowledge, experience, advice, negotiating power, contract management, and much more of your Real Estate Agent…. for FREE! (yay!!!)  Buyers do experience some costs (closing costs from your lender, inspection and appraisal fees, down payment depending on loan type), but the help of your trusted Realtor is not one of them.

This also means….

Your Realtor doesn’t make a dime for their time (hey, that rhymes!) until your home has already closed, and you have your keys. It’s very commonplace in this industry for a real estate agent to work for months for a client and make no income at all in the long run–which is why its wonderful when a client is mindful of that and makes the most of their Realtor’s time! Our team loves what we do and that’s why we are willing to work for you even if there’s a chance things fall through. Finding the home that’s right for YOU is our #1 GOAL, whether it takes 2 days or 2 years. 


If you’re thinking about buying a home, no one will work harder for you than us.  Our 20+ years of combined experience, cutting edge tools, great local reputation, and hard work will all be put toward YOUR GOALS. For us, it’s not about sales… it’s about service.  We will be there to guide you for the whole process from start to finish so you have the smoothest experience possible.


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636 Jadwin Ave. Suite B, Richland, WA 99352


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